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Who is Buying your Information

Over the years, the world has changed in many ways, with new crimes evolving. Not the least ofwhich is identity theft and credit card theft. People usually are careful in the manner in which they safeguard their personal information, but in today’s day and age you can never be too careful. Most people recognize the need to shred all of your personal and private information. Big companies and small
companies’ higher onsite shredding firms and even even some private homes have contracted to receive quarterly pickups.

Along with your identity being stolen, you have to worry about the loss of your credit card information. The new crime sweeping the nation is done in a simple way. Gangs of credit card thieves are getting your credit card information by simple paying for it.

In Manhattan last month, a cashier was caught selling credit card numbers that customers had just used to purchase merchandise in her store. A gang of credit card thieves paid the New York City cashier a price of $50. 00 for every credit card number she came up with. Within the hour they printed new cards and were charging away.

The cashier had given up over 1,000 of the credit card numbers before being caught. Similar thefts have occurred in Connecticut and New Jersey. This is not only a problem in New York, but throughout the entire nation. The safest way to protect against this type of occurrence is to always check on line with your credit card company, making sure no unauthorized charges are being made and always shred your
confidential records, credit card statements, and other private information.