It’s already time for Passover and Easter…

At Confidential Shredding, we want to take stock of what needs to be accomplished during the year. Inevitably, there are always a few things we never get around to. Between now and Memorial Day, we both know there is a fair amount of work to be done.

Often, one of those issues is getting organized, and getting around to cleaning out all of your files. It’s always a daunting task, right? You have to first decide what needs to go, then hopefully, everything is where it should be. Then, you have to get it all out of there, and get it securely destroyed.

It can be a nightmare! Please let us help, we are the experts. We will help you determine what can go. Furthermore, we will then collect the material efficiently, and then destruct it securely right on-site. The cost is much less than the value of your time doing it yourself.

Give us a call today, we will be your free consultant and take you through the pain-free process.