Should we do it, or should they do it?

Some companies have the philosophy “I have employees that don’t do much anyway, let them stand in front of a shredder all day” Now, aside from the obvious questions – why are we operating so inefficiently? Why are we wasting employee time, isn’t that time much more valuable used elsewhere? How are we managing our people, etc. The truth is, just look at the numbers. You can use an hourly wage employee in many cases and realize it makes sense to use an on-site shredding solution. When you factor in independent shredder machine cost and maintenance, not to…

Who is concerned with protecting private information?

It used to be that only higher profile companies would make sure they utilized on-site shredding companies to destroy their confidential material. As time progressed and the world kept getting more precarious, organizations of all sizes followed suite. Understandably, private individuals are now becoming more concerned with how they handle their private information, i.e. receipts, tax returns – any documents/media that has any of their personal information on it. The newest trend hitting New York and New Jersey have condo/apartment communities providing secure on-site shredding for their tenants. As we all know, using temperamental shredding machines to destroy our…

The New York City Shredfest 2015

The New York City Shredfest 2015 took place in May and was a huge success, with a tremendous turnout. Confidential Shredding was onsite with a fleet of high speed shredding trucks allowing local residence to have their personal documents destroyed for free. Confidential Shredding was proud to have partnered up with the city of New York in helping with the awareness of identity theft. At Confidential Shredding, “Documents dont get away from us!”

Total paper shredded: 140, 760 pounds/70.38 tons
Attendance: 2601

The totals of 140,760 pounds shredded and 2601 attendees were the most ever at a Shredfest event under the ten…

Shredding Medical Documents

Over the last few years the public has read about numerous problems with our health care system and many of us can not afford medical expenses. Numerous privacy acts such as HIPPA have come in to play and with them a host of new problems. In many ways the most dangerous is medical identity theft, because it can go undetected for five or even ten years.

Large amounts of private medical information is first stored into a computer, and then later sent through the internet at speeds we could never have imagined possible in the past. Once delivered, we have…

Shredding & Identity Theft

With tax time approaching dumpster diving and mail box theft is going to rise. Identity thieves will go as far as opening your mail box to get your personal information.

Unemployment is still on the rise in Bridgeport, CT and the surrounding areas. When unemployment goes up, so does crime. There is no easier crime then identity theft if you do not safe guard your personal information. If you are an identity theft victim, you may not realize it for three to four months and by this time you can be in debt thousands of…

As technology Grows

Technology in this country has grown to a high that most of our grandparents and relatives could never have imagined. Along with this advancement in technology, is the way that information is released to the public. What many years ago had moved slowly out to the public is now being released in a matter of seconds with the help of computers. Your identity is yours, as long as you protect against identity theft.

Criminals are advanced in the art of identity theft. They find your information valuable and will stop at nothing to get your social security number, license number,…

Who is Buying your Information

Over the years, the world has changed in many ways, with new crimes evolving. Not the least ofwhich is identity theft and credit card theft. People usually are careful in the manner in which they safeguard their personal information, but in today’s day and age you can never be too careful. Most people recognize the need to shred all of your personal and private information. Big companies and small
companies’ higher onsite shredding firms and even even some private homes have contracted to receive quarterly pickups.

Along with your identity being stolen, you have to worry about the loss of your credit card information. The…

Fastest-growing crime in the nation is..

Wainwright Jeffers

5/15/2010 – ALBANY, GA (WALB)

It’s the fastest-growing crime in the nation, identity theft. Last year, more than 11 million Americans reported they were victims. A South Georgia woman talked to WALB-TV about her ordeal after she found out someone at her doctor’s office used her identity to get a loan. “You feel violated, that’s something that’s important to you,” said Sylvia Cunningham, Identity Theft Victim.

One in every 10 American consumers has already been victimized by identity theft. It happened to Sylvia Cunningham twice. “Recently one of my creditors called me and said another creditor called and wanted to…