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Off-site shredding providers collect your confidential material and then load them on a truck. With any luck, your documents end up at some warehouse where they are shredded that day, maybe the next day. But are you positive it was done? With on-site mobile shredding, your documents never leave your premises. A document destruction technician comes to your location in a state-of-the-art mobile shredding vehicle.

A document shredding company uses industrial shredding equipment so you do not have to remove these items from your documents. A mobile shredding truck equipped with state-of-the-art shredding technology can destroy staples, paperclips, binder clips, and file folders.

Yes, all primary paper loads are recycled into generally low-grade paper products like paper towels, etc. It is a very important and gratifying part of this business.

Virtually all materials that may contain sensitive information,i.e. paper, plastic, fabric, metals, magnetic media, CD’S/DVD’S, hard drives and X-rays.

There are many online resources where you can access full record retention timelines. Here are examples of a few…

Bank statements and deposit slips: 7 years
Taxes (payroll related): 7 years
Payroll: 7 years
Employee expenses reports: 7 years
Freight bills and bills of lading: 7 years

Absolutely, yes. With increased technology has arrived more savvy and devious criminals. Situations like identity theft and corporate espionage have become rampant. Easy information gathering can be ascertained from hard copy documents.

Yes, we are licensed through the BIC (Business Integrity Commission) and are members of recognized industry groups such as NAID.

Yes, our staff is fully bonded and insured. Additionally, they must pass a rigid criminal background check.

Operating during a pandemic has been challenging, but we have risen to the occasion. Our on-site staff is routinely tested. They are also screened for symptoms daily and wear all proper PPE.

It’s truly a bad idea when you consider a few important factors…

*The wasted time and money involved having a paid employee feed paper into a machine all day.
*Independent shredding machines are extremely temperamental and break down often. The cost to service and fix is counter productive and costly.
*It is much more secure. When you use a mobile shredding service, material is housed in secure containers until shred. It is not viewed or handled like material waiting on a table or in a box to be fingered through and shredded.