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Are you shredding everything you need to be?

I am often surprised that some organizations do not detail out a “road map” for their employees on what paper should be shredded. Often, they will make the mistake of just destructing the most sensitive of materials, i.e a client list, credit card authorizations, etc. Information thieves in this day and age have numerous ways to extrapolate information, often, with little to go on. To be safe, any document that connects a name, business or personal, to any other information, regardless of content, should be properly shredded. It was just a few weeks ago that we had an example of this potential danger at Confidential Shredding. We had a client call us from our Manhattan market detailing a breach of their proprietary information. I cannot go into detail, but they were able to ascertain that it came from a series of documents that were not considered proprietary by any means. So please remember what your mom used to say “better to be safe, than sorry”.