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Us or them?

Some companies have the philosophy “I have employees that don’t do much anyway, let them stand in front of a shredder all day” Now, aside from the obvious, you should take a look in the company mirror question – why are we operating so inefficiently? Why are we wasting employee time, isn’t that time much more valuable used elsewhere?

How are we managing our people, etc. The truth is, just look at the numbers. You can use an hourly wage employee in many cases and realize it makes sense to use an on-site shredding solution. When you factor in independent shredder machine cost and maintenance, not to mention the replacement cost of man hours, it’s a no brainer.

Do we also need to get into the secure nature of using a provided security console, to house this generated proprietary material during business hours, off hours… Call us today at Confidential Shredding, you will be glad you did.