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Medical Record Shredding

With the new HIPPA and other confidentiality laws that have emerged in the recent years, most people in the medical profession see the value of shredding confidential documents belonging to patients. The process must be done by a company that is experienced, qualified and responsible. HIPPA now requires that the medical provider properly destroy patient confidential records before disposing of them.

Confidential Shredding has been providing shredding of patient records to numerous types of medical providers for many years , such as, Hospitals, Doctors, Dentists, Nursing Homes, Psychiatrists, Clinics, surgery centers and other various types of medical facilities.

Numerous hospitals and medical facilities are currently being done with an automatic service by Confidential Shredding throughout New York, New Jersey and Connecticut. It is not unusual for a hospital to use over 100 security consoles and numerous totes in their facility to be in medical compliance with HIPPA.

To protect patient privacy, call Confidential Shredding for the destruction of your medical records and documents.