Years ago no one ever had to worry about their identity being stolen, but now identity theft has become a large national problem for businesses and consumers alike. Confidential Shredding has designed a safe, convenient and affordable way for home owners and home based businesses to dispose of their confidential documents. Home office material or the home owner’s everyday private information is kept at the resident in a secure locked tote. The tote is provided by confidential Shredding to ensure safe storage until the material is shredded.

The new service is done once per quarter or every twelve weeks. Our fully trained, bonded and experienced technician shreds the material in the truck. The resident is invited to view the shred by using our security camera that is mounted on the side of the truck.

Over the years, Confidential Shredding has performed numerous shred days to communities that need to give the residences a place to take their confidential documents and have them destroyed. These shredding events are usually a big success and appreciated by the local home owners.

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