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As technology Grows

Technology in this country has grown to a high that most of our grandparents and relatives could never have imagined. Along with this advancement in technology, is the way that information is released to the public. What many years ago had moved slowly out to the public is now being released in a matter of seconds with the help of computers. Your identity is yours, as long as you protect against identity theft.

Criminals are advanced in the art of identity theft. They find your information valuable and will stop at nothing to get your social security number, license number, credit card number, various types of account numbers and more. Along with personal information, businesses face the same obstacle in protecting their customers, account numbers and other sensitive material. The only way to protect against this is to put an efficient shredding program in place. We need to work as hard to protect our
sensitive material, as the thieves are working to steel it.

The problems do not stop with paper shredding. Some of the largest cases of identity theft came from the improper disposal of computer hard drives and various memory components in the computer. In large cities such as Manhattan, where the largest companies in the world are housed, this problem runs rampant.

Everyone is excited about the new age of technology, but with it brings responsibilities that we never had before.