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Stop waiting until it’s an issue again!

If you handle the decision making at your office when it comes to document security, please keep reading…

Surprisingly, there are still many organizations that do not employ a secure process for document destruction. Furthermore, not one were it is a day by day solution. They are either disposing of this material in an unsecured manner or simply waiting until paper piles up and obstructs the working environment. These folks need to get with the times and retain an on-site mobile shredding company to handle this for them.

The process is simple. We provide secure containers to house this material as you generate it. We then come on scheduled routes and securely shred this material on-site, right in front of you. Here at Confidential Shredding, we have a fleet of state-of-the-art mobile shredding trucks. We will truly streamline this process for you. Additionally, in most cases, the cost to have this reoccurring service will be less costly then doing your periodic clean-outs. We would be happy to discuss this with you today. Let us help put some organization into your organization. You will be happy you called, don’t hesitate.