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Stop waiting until everything piles up, there is a better option!

There are various systems, processes and protocols that you can implement that would change your office environment for the better. Let’s talk about the easiest one. The one that is as or more important than any other action you might take. It involves securing and permanently protecting all the confidential information that is generated at your office…

The service is simple, we provide you free of charge, housing equipment in the form of totes or consoles. These are lockable containers that your employees will place all discarded hard copy documents into. They stay there safe until we come on a scheduled route and shred the contents, on-site, in one of our state-of-the-art mobile shredding trucks. All of this information is completely destroyed before it leaves your premises. As for your office, no more employee time standing in front of shredding machines, no piles of paper stacking up in the hallways or closets, no hassle whatsoever. This will help streamline your overall operation. Call Confidential Shredding today and get started.