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How are we different?

There are a number of shredding outfits out there that will make all kinds of promises. They will often give you false or misleading pricing information. Their customer service will be lacking and their on-site personnel unprofessional. So why would you continue to be taken advantage of? Is there a shredding company out there that operates any differently?

At Confidential Shredding, we are truly transparent. We don’t add on ancillary line charges on our invoices, a problem that is very prevalent in our industry. Our pricing is straightforward as discussed, and the invoice will reflect that at the end of the job. When it comes to customer service, we are unparalleled. Any issue that you need help with will be addressed personally, with a live voice, within 15 minutes of your inquiry. We have listened to both our prospective customers and current clientele, and made these issues as customer friendly as possible. On the last pain point – professional personnel, we have focused on this as well. Our on-site technicians are trained well when it comes to their customer facing demeanor. They will arrive uniformed, vetted through background checks, and act extremely professional.

Are you unhappy with your current provider? Do you think your service could be better? If so, you will want to contact us at Confidential Shredding today and experience the difference for yourself.