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Shredding Medical Documents

Over the last few years the public has read about numerous problems with our health care system and many of us can not afford medical expenses. Numerous privacy acts such as HIPPA have come in to play and with them a host of new problems. In many ways the most dangerous is medical identity theft, …

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Shredding & Identity Theft

With tax time approaching dumpster diving and mail box theft is going to rise. Identity thieves will go as far as opening your mail box to get your personal information. Unemployment is still on the rise in Bridgeport, CT and the surrounding areas. When unemployment goes up, so does crime. There is no easier crime …

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As technology Grows

Technology in this country has grown to a high that most of our grandparents and relatives could never have imagined. Along with this advancement in technology, is the way that information is released to the public. What many years ago had moved slowly out to the public is now being released in a matter of …

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Who is Buying your Information

Over the years, the world has changed in many ways, with new crimes evolving. Not the least ofwhich is identity theft and credit card theft. People usually are careful in the manner in which they safeguard their personal information, but in today’s day and age you can never be too careful. Most people recognize the need to …

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